Colony is a Multi-player strategy game made by Krin of Armorgames.

Colony Logo Version 6.1

The name of the game as it appear on the start screen of version 6.1.


The campaign mode is single player and has a plot. It is intended to teach players the mechanics of gameplay before they head into Multi-player.

The plot took place nearly two centuries into the future (as of 2273 AD on the loading screen). Campaign mode revolves around in a conquest or conquer type of story where there are factions/governments fight for influence and land. By that time being, military based organizations compete on planets and designated locations to spread their influence upon the advancement of technological domination for the future cause. There are currently two dominate organizations which are the Sakata Corporation, an advanced technological group that relies on energy resources to produce powered-sourced units, and the Old Confederacy, a modernized group that comes in huge numbers of populated people but uses traditional modern warfare. Until the 2200's, the two military-based organization led by Captain Baylet (Old Confederacy) and Captain Beatrix (Sakata Corporation) raged war on each other for domination of planets and lands to prove their technological superiority.

Playing ColonyEdit

There are two different types of gameplay: Quick Play and Multiplayer. In the game, players start with 50 resources in Money, Manpower, and Energy each. The player begins with no resources in Influence. The four resources (Money, Manpower, Energy, and Influence) are used to construct buildings/units. There are 4 colored areas, 2 on each side to allow players or CPUs to build. These buildings can either deploy units, in which most can attack enemy units, or produce resources. The game ends when one team's base and health is depleted with no more units left on the battlefield. Players do not share units or resources unless you choose to take up the entire team space during a multiplayer game. You can also determine what game setting you would like to have while you play, with unique restrictions for each.


Outpost/ Barracks/ Arsenal: Deploys mostly ground units. Generates Manpower.

Forge/ Manufactory/ Mechanics Terminal: Deploys air and ground units. Generates Energy.

Hospital/ Sanctuary: Hybrid structure. Generates Manpower. Deploys medical units.

Bank/ Treasury: Resource building. Gathers Money.

Generator/ Solar Grid: Resource building. Gathers Energy.

Armory: Resource building. Generates Money, Manpower or Energy.

Special Operations: Hybrid structure. Generates Influence. Can fire missles and deploy special units.


There are 4 governments. Each government has different abilities.

Capitalist: All resources are obtained 20% faster.

Fascist:  Every 5 seconds, more Energy is generated and some units are deployed faster though you get less manpower.

Communist: Every 5 seconds, more Manpower is generated and kills from your units generate capital or Influence.

Monarchy: Every 5 seconds, more Influence is generated in addition to Influence from your units on the field.


Some websites offer a hacked version of the game, ruining the experience for others.

The main issue that remains is the negative glitch, sometimes caused by double clicking a purchasable unit, building, or ability. When this happens, the game will reset the main resource for that building to 0, and then subtract the price, which ends with you having a negative amount. During this time, you cannot build any units, buildings, or get resources from buildings that produce them, as the game requires you to have at least 0 of a resource to perform an action.

There are a few glitches usable in a non-hacked game which can ruin experience for non-cheating players: The cash glitch, which happens when you're lagging and sell multiple times (by clicking the icon multiple times) a building in construction, giving you back multiple times the money you paid for it. The influence glitch, which happens when you cancel a special unit right before it is constructed -after the building bar passed the end line-; you have back your resources and you get the unit.