Arcuz 2 is Adventure game made by funnaut.


Note: This is first part is just controls and other things

First off the controls are pretty straightfoward. WASD or Arrow keys to move. All right now, the main controls are J, K and Spacebar.J is is for attacking, K is to jump, and Spacebar is just everything else, like talking, opening chests and things like that.

Now it's time for hotkeys.On the bottom of your screen you can plainly see your options. Character, skill, Inventory, etc.

It's mostly just straightfoward things you really don't to learn much about. But if you do, I will walk you through. So now, Character is your status screen. You can upgrade your stats by leveling up, when the bar below your options is full. (And you can plainly see the big LEVEL UP screen. Right now this is the really obvious stuff.) You can upgrade the following: (Hotkey C)

Strength: This controls how much damage you do. The more strength, the more damage. And you can also upgrade your weight limit, This controls how much you can carry in your inventory. I will explain this later.

Agility: This upgrades defence, blocking with shield, and chances of breaking your enemy's arm

Luck: Increases drop rate and critical hit chance.

You get 5 character points to allocate on these per level up.

Now skills.(Hotkey V) Along with 5 stat points, you get one skill point.You can use your points to upgrade things. Depending on your weapon, you can upgrade skills that may increase your power with your weapon. And as you level, you get more skills to upgrade. And you can unlock more skills with a certain amount of skill level on another required skill.

Now Inventory. (Hotkey B) As you go along you get...well items. And they are your friends. You get chests from defeating enemies, or finding them in pots. Yeah, I know it sounds weird. You get chests from breaking pots and barrels. Is possible founding exploding barrels or pots with bats/gold. They can also be empty. Finally, you can get items buying them (potions to Susan, common armor and weapons to Gran, super armor and weapons to Chung and cristals & stones to Goblins at dungeons).

Quests:(Hotkey N) You will get quests from the villagers of Arcuz. You can find them with an ! over their heads. Some require item scavenging, monster-slaying, or just looking around.

Map:(Hotkey M) You're going to probably use this a lot. It shows you where you are in the area. An other accesible places. As well as places you've already been to.The map resets everytime you die or reenter the game.

And menu, you can save and quit. Continue playing, change sound controls. Straightfoward.

Okay now. This is all i'm going to write for now. I will continue this, but help is much appriciated. (God I am so lazy.)